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Why HTML Is Better Than WordPress

As a new business owner, you know you need a website for your business. It is a surefire way to legitimize any business but especially a new one. However it becomes more confusing when you're asked whether you want a HTML website or a WordPress website. Well, one has to know what the differences and the advantages of each are before deciding which way to go. Today we will focus on the reasons why a HTML website is better than WordPress.

Advantages of HTML Website

HTML requires little or no maintenance as once the website is live, there are no updates required for installation or backup done on the data as there are with WordPress. The reality is that if nothing has changed, then the first backup you've done is enough. WordPress requires a lot of maintenance with their software and different plugins.

HTML has low requirements such as not requiring to be hosted on servers with PHP or MySQL installed in them. HTML websites can run on cheaper servers that require low resources. Running a WordPress website requires more resources. As a matter of fact, HTML websites run faster than WordPress. This is a fact we are sure most businesses would love for customers visiting their website.

HTML websites, are generally cheaper to build. A custom built WordPress site can cost thousands of euro however, our entry level HTML websites start from just €49 per month.

In some degree of fairness, it has to be said that WordPress is more independent because, through its admin mainframe, the business owner can manage their own web page and update their own content. On the other hand, HTML website users often have to rely on professionals to manage their website. But check it out from a different view. A new business has a lot to grapple with from generating sales leads, recruiting staff and managing marketing campaigns. So having a professional company like Digital Solutions Ireland to manage every aspect of your website makes a lot of sense.

Included in all of our pay monthly packages are an unlimited amount of updates/changes. So when you have new a piece of content you want added, all you will need to do is email it to us and we take care of the rest. We take the hassle and stress out of updating and maintaining your website!

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