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Is your website optimized for mobile? If not, it should be, and here's why

About 57% of Internet users have been spending more time on mobile phones and tablets than they have on their laptops or desktops. Since various devices have different screen sizes and load times, it is important to take into account these aspects and create websites that are responsive on every device. To make your website optimized for mobile, the site's design, structure, load time, among other elements are adjusted to support various devices.

Here are some of the benefits of mobile optimization for your website:

Videos and images are made available

If your site uses old codes or files that are incompatible, your videos or images may not load on mobile devices and tablets. Also, if your video player is not responsive, the video may be too large to be viewed on a mobile screen. By making your site responsive, videos and images can be easily viewed by mobile users.

Text visibility

When a site responsive, it detects the screen size of the device being used and scales the page size to fit perfectly. This means you won't need to zoom or scroll to read the content.

Improved loading speed

Nobody likes a slow-loading page. The page loading speed determines not only your users' experience but also your search engine ranking. Mobile devices typically load slower than desktops do. You can improve loading time by reducing the content on your page, reducing image sizes, and incorporating accelerated mobile page protocols (AMP).

Every website Digital Solutions Ireland create are 100% responsive on all mobile devices. 

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