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New Business Checklist

Making the decision to take your business online is a major step in your business's growth, one that needs to be taken with caution. There is no question that you will need support from various people who specialize in working towards helping new businesses get established, especially on your online presence. Here are some of the areas that make up your new business checklist:

Registering a domain name

Although it seems like a tiny aspect, having a good domain name can help to improve your click-through rates and to draw more attention to your site in search engine result pages. It will also increase user trust in your site and overall boost your brand potential. A good domain name would include brand and relevancy aspects. We recommend securing your domain name as early as possible, even if you don't intend on building a website in the near future, secure your domain before your competitors do!

Getting professional company email addresses instead of Gmail

A business email address uses your business domain name. Such an email address helps to boost your professional appearance to prospective clients and partners. It also builds a sense of trustworthiness which is an important element in branding.

Getting a professional website designed

After getting your domain name and business address done, the next major step is setting up your website. Web design focuses on aspects such as layout, graphics, interactive features, and content that will appear on your website. Think of a website as a traditional shop front on the high street. Appearances are extremely important. If you are walking down the street looking for lunch and see two businesses side by side, one with a very old, tired looking façade and the other looking fresh, clean and inviting, which one would you enter?

Engage your Local Enterprise Office

Local Enterprise Office offers training and support for Irish businesses from idea stage to trading and beyond. Most of their supports are either free or heavily subsidized and they have a great track record in helping early stage startups.

Build a consistent brand

Branding is all about creating a unique identity for your business so that you are distinctly identifiable among other businesses offering similar services. At Digital Solutions Ireland, we strive to create a profession 

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